Case Studies

Shropshire Estate – Oak Flooring Renovation

A badly scratched and worn stained oak flooring in need of renovation. The area was sanded back using several grades of sanding pads to remove scratches and existing staining. An oil was then applied to deepen the colour and seal the floor. This enhances the graining in the wood and leaves a rich dark colour finish. Finally floor was then sealed with a hard lacquer to create a sheen and make the floor hard wearing.

Private Residence – Sandstone Patio

Over several years the sandstone patio has become ingrained with dirt and algae which has masked its vibrant colour. The patio was cleaned down using professional cleaning products to remove ingrained dirt and algae and the floor was then sealed to aid ongoing maintenance. Restored to ‘as new’ condition with the vibrant colours of the sandstone on show again, means the client has beautiful patio to enjoy throughout the summer.

Private Residence – Essex Hamlet

Our clients were concerned their stone floor had lost its lustre and the grout joints had become discoloured through normal day to day wear. In addition there were several cracks and holes developing throughout the floor. Our team used specialist equipment to thoroughly clean the grout joints, the cracks and holes were filled and then finished using diamond pads. The floor was then repolished and sealed with a impregnator to protect against staining and ease ongoing maintenance.

National Trust Property

A client had installed a new wooded decking area which did not meet health and safety regulations. Our remit was to improve the safety whilst maintaining the finish, as the aesthetics were essential as to be sympathetic to the look of the property. We deep cleaned the decking before applying a clear anti-slip sealer to the floor which then brought it in line with HSE regulations 

Listed Theatre – London

Our client was looking to improve the aesthetics of the front aspect of this beautiful historical building and asked us to conduct an analysis on the steps leading to the box office. We conducted an inspection and a demonstration in order to reveal the floor in its original state.  Following this we restored the entire area to an as new condition to vastly improve the aesthetic appeal and also the slip resistance to increase the safety

Private residence – Surrey

The client had concerns over the condition of the granite floor in the staff kitchen and requested a safety assessment and an aesthetic analysis resulting in the restoration of the floor to an ‘as new’ condition.

Mayfair Refurbishment

A major project where we were working with a  client who controlled the management of an historic Mayfair property.  We worked on a consultative level to assess the requirements of the project and then finished, restored and advised on the maintenance of a number of areas with different stone finishes. This included applying a decorative anti-slip finish to a polished marble pool side.

Kensington Steps

The marble steps leading up to the grand entrance of a private residence had started to take on grime and moss and were reducing the appeal of the property.  We restored the condition of the steps and put together a process to maintain this look including the application of the correct sealer and a maintenance programme.  This programme was targeted at both the weekly maintenance and also with ourselves returning periodically to maintain this look.

Historical Bath Residence

The owners of this historic property were unhappy with the finish and usability of a number of their surfaces.  We conducted an analysis and assessed the potential of the areas of concern:

–  A limestone kitchen floor had been incorrectly sealed on installation so had taken on a lot of igrained dirt and looked tired and dirty. The floor was deep cleaned, re-polished and sealed to leave a stunning maintainable finish

– We worked on a 200 year old terracotta floor with a lot of wear and ingrained dirt that needed specialist treatment to restore its natural beauty. The floor was deep cleaned and allowed to dry before being waxed and polished with natural beeswax to restore the floors warmth and character.

– An external limestone  had been laid in the courtyard and was starting to show signs of moss and algae ingress as well as a large amount of surface soiling. The stone was deep cleaned with an algaecide before being sealed with a high performance impregnating sealer to protect against future weathering.

Maintenance Contract – Westminster

Our London based client were finding it difficult to maintain the look of a natural stone pool surround and changing areas in a London residence.  They recruited our services to deep clean all areas to restore the natural condition of the floor and to keep on top of this used our maintenance service to return to conduct this work bi-annually.  As part of our service we also work with training the daily cleaning in the best practice process.  This combination of services has alleviated the time spent on management of this area of the property and provided a seamless and effective solution for the client.

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