Surface Maintenance

Periodic cleaning

Some surfaces will require professional assistance to keep them looking at their best over a longer term period. Whether this be reapplication of sealers, re-polishing of stone, sanding of floors or just regular deep cleaning we have teams available to carry this out as regularly as necessary.

Maintenance Schedules

Every floor needs a good cleaning schedule to ensure it looks its best, not only when new, but for years to come. Some floors require more in depth schedules to accommodate safety concerns or high traffic and PSS aim to give you the best schedule to meet the requirements of your floor.

Cleaning Products

It is important to clean your floors with the correct chemicals to keep them looking at their best. Many floors are damaged from the use inappropriate products. We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning products that have been designed to work with the individual properties of different flooring types. This allows optimal results to be achieved.

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