Wood refinishing

We are a Bona approved contractor and aim to assist clients whatever their needs, whether it be deep cleaning, sanding or sealing as well working with maintenance aims to keep floors looking at their best.

Worktop sealing

Stone worktops can be an extremely stylish addition to many environments but can be notoriously difficult to maintain and protect against acid based staining. We can assist in restoring old and worn tops as well as sealing new surfaces to protect them against damage.

Grout restoration

Grout, through its rough nature, tends to attract dirt more quickly than the tiled surfaces around and is very difficult to clean properly without the right equipment. We offer a deep cleaning service to restore joints to ‘as new’ condition as well as offering sealers that will make the joints easier to maintain in the future.


Stone surfaces benefit from being sealed with the correct sealer. This is more important in external and wet areas where water penetration is most prolific. Choosing the right sealer to fit the stone and circumstance is not always straight forward. We can assist in finding the correct products to protect the stone and ease the onwards maintenance.

Marble polishing and stone maintenance

Keeping marble, limestone and granite at their stunning best is a challenge for all properties. Generally they will need some regular maintenance to retain both sheen and cleanliness. We offer a full service form carrying out restorative works, to regular maintenance and cleaning advice.

Porcelain cleaning

Porcelain is generally much more hardwearing and easier to maintain than stone surfaces. If not maintained correctly it can start to look tired and dirty, especially if it is a textured porcelain. We can restore surfaces to ‘as new’ condition and advise on the best onwards maintenance.

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